Saturday, May 30, 2015

diy whipped body butter

Several years ago, I made a decision, that I no longer  wish to use products from the store. At first I wanted to be more frugal, than went to being more 'green' and wanting to leave behind a smaller carbon foot print. Now, it has morphed into other areas.
 I now make my own laundry soap, hand soap, lotions, salves, lip balms, and many more products. 

I am going to share how I make a very yummy Whipped Body Butter.

It's simple, effective, inexpensive, and best of all fun to make.

Measure all the ingredients by weight, except for the essential oil, and the cornstarch. Make sure you have a good kitchen scale. 

Melt the shea butter. I use the microwave. Add the oil--I use a combination of three oils: sweet almond oil, apricot oil, jojoba oil, cornstarch and the essential oil if you are using. Mix well together.

I started off using a hand held mixer--I switched and went and used my Kitchen Aid. It will take a bit of mixing. You will have to put the bowl with the oils in the fridge freezer for about 5 minutes--until it starts to solidify around the edges. You may have to repeat this process a few times.

Scrape down the edges, and keep whipping it until it has the consistency of stiff egg whites.

Scrape into a container--making sure it is one that you can get your hands into.

 I keep mine in my bedroom on my dresser. Use the body butter all over, and as often as you wish. 

For a one pound batch:

283 g  shea butter
168 grams  fixed oils (can use just one oil  or use 56 grams each of 3 different oils)
2 tsp cornstarch
.5 oz essential oil or fragrance oil (optional)

Randomness from the homestead

Jeannie's buck 

Jeannie, a Nigerian Dwarf, and her two babies--a doe and a buck

They are about two weeks old

Loki had a set of twins three nights ago, the solid black is a doeling and the spotted one is a buck

Macki also had twins about a week ago, both of hers are doelings

Queenie cat doing her cat walk

My Red Rock Crosses---they are now a year old. 

I received the planter a few years back for a mama's gift from Frank Jr and Madeline. This year I received strawberries from Frank. And they are already making berries!

Inside of my greenhouse

Watermelon--I can't remember the name of it but it is a heirloom variety

Sweeter Yet English type Cucumber

Amish Paste Roma tomatoes

My raised bed that Frank built this year for me. The pot in the fore front is planted with Sage

Notice a zucchini in the garden this morning

There are three hens and a rooster on the loose, and this is where I found one of the hens's eggs

One of my Red Rock Cross that went broody. She was left behind in the hens 'winter' home until her eggs hatch

Peace River Valley

For a few years now, Frank and I have been discussing purchasing a new vehicle--basically one easier on fuel. We do not buy brand new-don't want the payments. I have been trying to convince him, that I think it is quite silly and overkill that I am driving a big ass one ton dually diesel to town to get the mail or to purchase a few items from the grocery store. It took me five years to finally woo him over to my way of thinking!!

He purchased for me a 2004 Dodge Dakota. A month ago, the truck got a new set of tires, a new windscreen, and new ball joints. The only thing my tiny truck needed was a spare tire. It didn't come with one, not even a 'dough nut' tire.

There isn't that many auto wreckers in our neck of the woods--more closer to Edmonton but that is a six hour drive, not worth  the fuel to get there. Long story short, he finally found a rim at an auto wreckers near Peace River.

I liked the sign that they had right beside their office.

Frank and I had lunch at the Sagitawa Lookout over looking the Peace River ValleyThe Sagitawa Lookout is located just south of the town of Peace River on Hwy 744.  Sagitawa is a Cree word meaning “Where the rivers meet”.  The Lookout has a spectacular view of the Town of Peace River and the confluence of the Peace, Smoky and Heart rivers. 

We had a good day together yesterday. Today my husband and two of my grown children have left on a two week camping trip--and I am home with the livestock, dogs, and garden. We shall see if I can handle being by myself :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

I miss blogging

It has been forever and a day since I last had an entry.

So much going on, time just slowly drifts past. You are never really conscious of it until a great deal of time  has slipped by. I swear time speeds up as we get older. Three seasons have come and gone, we are all a year older, more silver has touched my locks, hopefully more wiser. Every morning as I awake, I have to really think what day of the week it is. I either gain or loose days. I do not have an off the farm job that will help keep time. I go with flow of the moon and seasons. I have been caught with my knickers down, and almost missed or have been late for either appointments or deadlines. I sometimes wish I could stop time in his tracks.

I don't make promises--but I am going to post more often. Even if it is a sentence or photos.