Saturday, May 30, 2015

Randomness from the homestead

Jeannie's buck 

Jeannie, a Nigerian Dwarf, and her two babies--a doe and a buck

They are about two weeks old

Loki had a set of twins three nights ago, the solid black is a doeling and the spotted one is a buck

Macki also had twins about a week ago, both of hers are doelings

Queenie cat doing her cat walk

My Red Rock Crosses---they are now a year old. 

I received the planter a few years back for a mama's gift from Frank Jr and Madeline. This year I received strawberries from Frank. And they are already making berries!

Inside of my greenhouse

Watermelon--I can't remember the name of it but it is a heirloom variety

Sweeter Yet English type Cucumber

Amish Paste Roma tomatoes

My raised bed that Frank built this year for me. The pot in the fore front is planted with Sage

Notice a zucchini in the garden this morning

There are three hens and a rooster on the loose, and this is where I found one of the hens's eggs

One of my Red Rock Cross that went broody. She was left behind in the hens 'winter' home until her eggs hatch

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