Saturday, May 30, 2015

Peace River Valley

For a few years now, Frank and I have been discussing purchasing a new vehicle--basically one easier on fuel. We do not buy brand new-don't want the payments. I have been trying to convince him, that I think it is quite silly and overkill that I am driving a big ass one ton dually diesel to town to get the mail or to purchase a few items from the grocery store. It took me five years to finally woo him over to my way of thinking!!

He purchased for me a 2004 Dodge Dakota. A month ago, the truck got a new set of tires, a new windscreen, and new ball joints. The only thing my tiny truck needed was a spare tire. It didn't come with one, not even a 'dough nut' tire.

There isn't that many auto wreckers in our neck of the woods--more closer to Edmonton but that is a six hour drive, not worth  the fuel to get there. Long story short, he finally found a rim at an auto wreckers near Peace River.

I liked the sign that they had right beside their office.

Frank and I had lunch at the Sagitawa Lookout over looking the Peace River ValleyThe Sagitawa Lookout is located just south of the town of Peace River on Hwy 744.  Sagitawa is a Cree word meaning “Where the rivers meet”.  The Lookout has a spectacular view of the Town of Peace River and the confluence of the Peace, Smoky and Heart rivers. 

We had a good day together yesterday. Today my husband and two of my grown children have left on a two week camping trip--and I am home with the livestock, dogs, and garden. We shall see if I can handle being by myself :)

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