Thursday, May 28, 2015

I miss blogging

It has been forever and a day since I last had an entry.

So much going on, time just slowly drifts past. You are never really conscious of it until a great deal of time  has slipped by. I swear time speeds up as we get older. Three seasons have come and gone, we are all a year older, more silver has touched my locks, hopefully more wiser. Every morning as I awake, I have to really think what day of the week it is. I either gain or loose days. I do not have an off the farm job that will help keep time. I go with flow of the moon and seasons. I have been caught with my knickers down, and almost missed or have been late for either appointments or deadlines. I sometimes wish I could stop time in his tracks.

I don't make promises--but I am going to post more often. Even if it is a sentence or photos.


  1. Goodness, who caught you with your knickers down...... LOL. I often dont have anything "inspirational or educational" to write about so it ho hum and a few pics of everyday. I get just as many comments for these as i do for workshop notes. Just enjoy the act of writing...... i do.

  2. So nice to see you back blogging, how did the bees do over winter?

    1. We ended up with five hives that went into the barn. This spring when we brought them out, my boys noticed there was no activity happening with one of them. Turns out it was empty. I believe with the hives swarming four times last year, that we ended up putting an empty hive in the barn. We managed to harvest all the honey and wax this spring. :) We really need to invest in a honey extractor haha.