Friday, July 11, 2014

Random 5

I finally got my honey processed--strained and into jars. I need to find a better way of cleaning the wax. I am getting frustrated with the few different ways that I have tried. Out of the three frames that I `stole`I managed to get 8.1 pounds of liquid gold. This fall, I will harvest a couple of more frames.

The bees swarmed once again on me the other day--but I managed to capture it. I currently now have five hives. I need to purchase more supers!

Frank  knocked down about 100 acres of hay last weekend. We managed to get it all but three rounds raked and baled on Wednesday. Than we were blasted with a rain shower and a bit of hail. Thankfully the hail didn't do any damage to the garden. He was out cutting another field yesterday-which is about another 70 acres.

We are upgrading our John Deere tractor that we purchased last year. We found it to small for the baler--it is only a 45 hp and the the new one is 75 hp. It should be arriving later today. Which will make Frank happy.

We really haven't had much  moisture, we decided to put the garden hose on the garden. With high temperatures and the lack of moisture, everything is just growing extremely slow.

The last two days, we have had a smokey haze. There is a forest fire burning near Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia which is approximately 285 km from me. There is also fires burning in the Northwest Territories. This morning at 6 am is was 5 ° C. Brrr.

I have been gathering rose petals, German chamomile, and herbs out of the gardens and yards. As some of you know, I make soap. But a few months back I started selling my soaps. I have now gotten into making lotions, and salves. It keeps me busy. I have my product in a local store in Grimshaw. Which I am just tickled pink about!  I will share more about my salves, soaps, and site in the near future.

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