Friday, July 18, 2014

hay hauling with the grand daughter

This is my oldest grand daughter, she is twelve. Full of spunk.

 For the past two nights, after Frank gets home from work, she wants to bring in a load of hay. You can't argue with her, and Frank always gives in to her. hahaha 

I think it is funny that she can bend her pa's arm to get him to do things that he really doesn't want to.

She is so quick to learn, and boy does she learn quick. She doesn't much care for skirt work, but get her outside doing farm related activities, she is in there like a dirty shirt. 

She is fully loaded with nine round bales, four Pomeranians (little dogs), one Husky cross dog, and one kitten named Freak. Yep, that is what she named the male barn kitten that she has laid claim to.

I am getting loaded.

Fully loaded, and the alfalfa field is cleared of the hay that we made. Hopefully if we get some rain and warm weather we will have a decent second crop.

There is so much smoke in the air this afternoon and evening, and it will be just as bad tomorrow. I can't get over how cold it has been today. I know, first I have complained how hot it was, and now complaining about the cold. Typical farmer! The temperature only got to 12°--feels more like Autumn than July.

We have a family of Common Goldeneye Ducks on our dugout. 


  1. That's quite a load, good work. Sounds like a real farmgirl. Pam x

    1. She is quite proud of herself and so are we. She has hauled two more loads today, both down the county road about a 1/2 mile. No worries about traffic, we are the only ones on this road and it is a dead end.

  2. Looks like a great harvest of hay, great that you have a young farmer in the making.