Thursday, July 03, 2014

Gather Ye Rose Buds While Ye May!

Rose water has a long history. 
It is said that over 3000 years ago, Cleopatra bathed in milk with rose petals. The Babylonians used rose oil and rose water in their medicines, while in India it was used in the royal cuisines. Ancient Rome used rose water to wash their hands and to bath in. They also used rose water for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. In the middle ages, rose water was used to deal with stress and depression.

Rose water provides a wide range of benefits to the skin. It is good in purifying the skin and helps protect it from bacterial infections. It is brilliant skin toner! It helps to tone the skin and helps in removing dirt, make-up and oil from the skin. It is also a bonus in helping to heal sunburn. Using rose water after a warm shower or steaming, tightens the capillaries, reduces redness and blotchiness.
The aroma of the rose helps with feelings of anxiety and helps promotes emotional well being, making you look more relaxed and younger looking.

My rose bush is finally blooming. For the past two summers I have done some serious pruning to that poor bush. This year it has paid off!! 

Gather your roses preferably in the morning after all the dew is gone. Make sure the roses that you gathering have not been sprayed with a herbicide or a pesticide. After all this rose water will be going on your skin!

Gently pick the petals apart. You don't want to have any greenery on them. Gently wash the petals to get rid of debris and little critters.

Gently, in layers light crush the petals in a mortar and pestle. To help bruise them and to release their oils.

Bring a pot of distilled water to a boil, and add your bruised rose petals.

Put a lid on, and remove from the heat source and let them steep for about thirty minutes.

You will notice that the colour has left your petals. Depending on the colour of your roses, will determine the colour of your rose water.

You will strain your rose water through either a sieve or a double layer of cheese cloth.

Notice the petals in the pot are a pale colour. Yep. All their colouring is now in the water.

Make sure you pour your rose water into a sterilsed jar. It will last between seven to ten days in the fridge. You do not want to store your rose water in the bathroom. The bacteria in the air will make it go 'bad'. 
If you want you can add Vitamin E to help preserve it for up to a month.

Pour either into a spray bottle and spirtz your face or use on a cotton ball.

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