Friday, July 18, 2014

Forest Fires and Babies!

For the past couple of weeks, the weather has been a bit weird. 

We had gorgeous weather to get all the hay put up. Took us only about a week and a half to cut, rake and bale it all. We are in the process of hauling the hay home off of the alfalfa field. Last year, with the wet weather it took a bit longer to get it off, and some of the alfalfa died. So we don't wish to make that same mistake twice. The last few days of haying, the temperature was extremely hot!!

We have had a heat wave. We are not use to temperatures above 24°C--we had five days of above 30°C, a few of those were 34°. Hey, c'mon we are Canadians! Living in Northern  Alberta. We have winter for almost seven months of the year. I melt if it gets hotter than 22° C!

We have been also exceptionally dry. No rain for weeks. I have only cut the grass once this month--and that is only around the house and up around the vegetable garden. We had to start watering the garden, which I don't like doing. Our only water supply is a dugout which only gets replenished with a blanket of snow, (spring run-off) and rain. The dugout supplies the house with water, and we also use it to water the livestock. 

With the dry conditions that we have been experiencing, the province of British Columbia is even drier. A few years back they had an infestation of pine beetle. The province didn't do much with the pines that were killed from the beetle. All that dead dry standing timber. Well that province is having a hell of a time now with forest fires. Last I heard they had between 60-80 forest fires burning. 

On top of that, one fire in particular, is encroaching to the Alberta/BC border--which we are getting smoke from. Also to the north, the Northwest Territories have forest fires burning--one for sure is threatening the city of Yellowknife. In Alberta we also have several fires burning-some out of control, some being held.

This morning, we woke to fog, which burnt off and lead to a brief but cool sunny morning, which gave away to a rain shower and now this.....

The sky looks yellow. And boy can you smell the smoke. There is even some ash that has settled on to the quad seat.

Miss Dolly had her calf this morning. Super excited about this birth for several reasons!
First--Madeline AI her--and it worked! We both are happy about this success. 
Second--Miss Dolly gave me a heifer. I am going to call the heifer Betsy, after Miss Dolly's mother.

However, Miss Dolly didn't like Donkey coming to close to the babe!

Soon, Misty will be calving. I hope also, that she gives me a heifer. However, we did not AI her, and unfortunately, the Simmental had a bit of fun. The bugger has done that now to two of my Jersey girls.

I have had four of my six grand kids here since the 2 nd of July. Two will be leaving on the 24th, and the other two a couple of days after that. I hate to say this, but I miss the peace and quiet. And I know once they are all gone, and everybody else is at work, I will wish for the children's noise once more. The 12 yr old, the 8 yr old, and the 5 yr old are currently playing Lego--- the 2 yr is napping. 

Yep right now--life is good. 


  1. Is this weather unusual for you? Our weather is also very strange, but not quite as strange as last year when we had two official droughts, in Ireland, unheard of!

    1. I think it is a cycle. We were dry two summers ago, just not this dry. Also, this year is really bad for having two provinces and a territory having so many forest fires. Which makes it hard to breathe outside.