Friday, July 04, 2014

Fabricating a Draw Bar--in pictures

When this 1978-- 844 International Tractor was first manufactured it did not come with a 3 point hitch. Frank  purchased an after market 3 point hitch kit for it. It worked well, but after several years of 'abuse' it fell apart. When Frank initially installed the after market 3 point hitch, the original draw bar had to come off of the tractor. The 3 point hitch has been off the tractor for so long, that the original draw bar has been misplace, or used for another purpose.

So the time has come, that a draw bar needs to be on our tractor. Frank spent the morning searching for steel, and welding a new draw bar.

We bought our electric welder about twenty years ago. The breaker panel needs to be upgraded, Frank keeps blowing a breaker, so he has to weld a lower setting than he likes.

The draw bar is now ready for work!

* Frank wasn't really a willing participant in this blog---he was getting frustrated with me. bahahahaha

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