Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bees and Kids

It has been a crazy last few days. By the time evening rolls around I am just knackered! I have been cleaning up the edge of my perennial bed. It has been so dry, it like trying to dig in cement! Last night we had an awesome thunderstorm roll in. Around 1 am this morning the sky was lit up like fireworks were going off. The wind was bit to strong for my liking. All I kept thinking about was tornadoes. I convinced myself that tornadoes don't touch down in the middle of the night, just around 8 ish in the evening. I don't even know why I was worried about tornadoes--we don't get them here at all! We got about half an inch of rain. Really could use more.

My bee hive 'Leave Me Bee' swarmed again today. Way to high in the tree for us to capture. Which ticked me off. You should of heard me curse those bees. Ok I didn't cuss that bad. Just kept telling them they were ungrateful bitches. I went into all the hives--they were not crowded. Good honey flow happening in all of them, and lots of bees and brood. So I am going to chalk it up to that is what bees do. I did manage to 'steal' three frames of delicious honey though! I need to purchase or build a two frame honey extractor. It definitely make for an easier and less of mess job.

I have sent an email to the college. They offer a Commercial Beekeeping Course. But I am only interested in four of the classes. I am hoping they will allow me to take just the four. I am still waiting for an answer. I have also posted a 'help wanted' ad of sorts on a local site looking for a bee mentor. I hope in both cases I get my wish.

I have another set of grand kids here for the next two weeks. The oldest girl is twelve, and my step-grandson is eight. They belong to oldest girl. 

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