Monday, June 16, 2014

Little Ones

Last summer, I came home with the late father-in-law's geese. Some I lost to coyotes, and the dogs, a few I sold. I kept three, but unfortunately the dog got the one male. But by good grace, I was left with a mating pair. But for whatever reason, she started to lay eggs early March. Our weather this far North is not compatible with egg laying outdoors in an unheated shelter. We gathered her egg when we remembered, and other times, our ten year old Pomeranian cross dog, Goldie, would have a Goose egg breakfast. 

I have never hatched out geese eggs before, and I figured what the heck. I put thirteen eggs into the incubator, and thinking I would only get three gooslings. Those three, I thought were the 'freshest' eggs. Out of the thirteen: three were duds, nine hatched successfully and one made it half way out of it's shell, but died.

My Little Ones are now a month old.

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