Friday, June 20, 2014

homemade vanilla

after two weeks

I am always investigating ways of saving money, you know being frugal or thrifty, going chemical free. And my favourite thought--why give your money to someone else for an inferior product? 

About four years ago, I came upon a recipe on how to make your own vanilla extract. Well, I have been wondering for years-- how does one do this? I stumbled upon the answer. Had I known it was so simple, I would have been doing this for years already!!  

All you need is about 10 vanilla beans split lengthwise, and a litre of vodka. My bottle didn't quite fit the litre of vodka. You can just drop the split beans into the vodka. But the bottle that I want to use has a wire snap lid cork thing and a little decorative. Put the bottle in the dark for no less than three weeks and it just gets better with age. Like us women!! Gently shake the bottle once a week. The vanilla is suppose to be really good about the six month age. I also read, that you can reuse the same vanilla beans again. It just might take longer.

I got my vanilla beans from the  Vanilla Food Company. I am not receiving anything by endorsing this company. I used this company simply because they are Canadian.

I was impressed with my beans! They smelled yummy!!


  1. I always have a big jar of vanilla sugar ready for baking, four pods in a jar with 2lb of sugar, you can keep topping up the pot with sugar for months before the pods need replacing.
    For some reason I can no longer comment under my new blog, only the old one, anyway, it's very nice to see you back blogging.

  2. I will have to try the vanilla sugar. I have never heard of it before. I wish I had never stopped blogging, I really missed it.

  3. Vanilla sugar is wonderful for Victoria sponges, and several types of biscuits, (cookies?) also for homemade ice-cream and home made custard, I also use it if I'm making egg custard, or Crème Brulee.