Friday, June 20, 2014


For the next week, I will have precious visitors staying with me.
My two youngest grand children will be staying with Frank and I while our daughter re-cooperates from minor surgery.
The grandchildren have never spent time away from their parents, so this is going to be hard on the kiddies.

I don't think it is going to bother The Boss any. She is like a duck! Everything just rolls off of her. But her five-year old brother is having a difficult time. 

We spent yesterday playing in the little kiddie pool, helping Pa with some fencing, visited the chicks, goats and kids, and the kittens down at the barn.
Tonight we had Ben's favourite super heroes' favourite food for supper--pepperoni pizza. Can you guess who is his super hero quartet are? Ninja Turtles!

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  1. kids need memories with grandparents. I have never forgotten mine and at times find it healing to remember all the unconditional love ours gave to us through our growing up years :)
    Ben will be fine