Sunday, June 29, 2014

Garden tour and Bees

I didn't get much accomplished while the grand children were here--grass never got mowed, or the trimming/digging around the edge of the new perennial bed that I put in, but that is fine.

 Yesterday we got a light gentle rain. Not enough to keep me out of the garden! Frank and I were out there for most of the morning weeding and watering. In the evening, after supper, the sun was shining, and it was perfect for finishing off the weeding. Madeline aka Daughter#3 was in the garden with us. The garden is looking pretty good! Woke up this morning to puddles. Which was a welcomed relief! We sure could use more.

 I don't like to use a roto-tiller in the garden. So everything is done by hand. For a few years I have wanted a Dutch Hoe. That tool just makes work easy in the garden, unlike like the typical hoe. When we moved in here, Frank was going through some stuff that was left behind from the previous owners, in our one and only granary, he happened to find just the end of a Dutch Hoe! I was ecstatic!! We have always kept the handles from my yacht mops, and one sure came in handy!    

Frank finished my greenhouse just after Mother's Day. Inside however is another story. We--and when I say we, I mean Frank---decided we would use old water troughs. Wood rots and you would just have to replace it.

All sorts of peppers and Roma tomatoes in containers and pails.

Cantaloupe in the bathtub, carrots growing for seed, watermelon and peppers in the water troughs.

roma tomatoes

I can't get over how quickly plants grow inside the greenhouse compared out in the garden!!

roma tomatoes
I started all of my tomatoes at the same time, and planted them outside and in the greenhouse at the same time. The ones in the greenhouse are already getting buds and starting to flower out. The ones is the garden, haven't even come over the time top of the milk jugs!

Two of bee hives swarmed last weekend. I was prepared to capture one of the swarms. The other swarm went to high up in the tree, and there was no physical way of getting it. The ladders weren't tall enough. And we believed the sound of a tractor would have pissed off the other hives. So I lost a swarm.

The newest hive

This one, I need help with! To tall and the top super is probably full of honey. I fear this is going to swarm next.

We managed to capture the swarm from this hive. It now resides in Miss Bee Haven.

I wasn't able to capture the swarm from this hive.
When O Bee One decides to swarm, I have another hive ready for it.

In my perennial bed, I wanted a mixture of flowers, shrubs and herbs. I started some comfrey from seed, I think only three survived transplanting! I can always start more next year!

I have one cantaloupe so far, that has started flowering! I super stoked about having fresh cantaloupe to eat. I have never grown them before, so yes I am excited.

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