Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Early Morning Visitor

Just before seven this morning, we spotted this fella outside of our livingroom window. 

Frank figures he is a two or a three year old bear.

Bears cubs stay with their mamas for the first two years of their life. 

The young male bears are the most curious out of both sexes.

The horses sure didn't like having this visitor. They were running around like crazy. The horses are in a paddock in behind where the bear is in this (below) photo.

 It took this male a bit to find his way out of the yard.

The West and most of the North fence around the yard is page wire and plank fencing.  Back behind the garage is the chicken house and page wire chicken run. 

But he eventually went down the plank fence on the North side of the house to the opening in the willow hedge, and crawled through the electric fence and made his way Eastward through the horse paddock, cross the county road into the neighbours pasture quarter.

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