Thursday, November 14, 2013

welding repairs

Hubby today was getting ready for winter. He was busy doing some welding repairs
that should have been done this spring but other projects took priority.

During last winter, hubby broke the top link on his 3 pth forks. He managed to get it welded today. He also did some welding on his snow blade. He just tells me that last winter was rough. 

He also put on the tractor tire chains on the back tires of the chore tractor. Our tractor is not a front wheel assist and the chains give the tractor traction in the snow.

With winter upon on us now, hubby is expecting a phone call to head off to work. When hubby goes off to work, he is gone for six days, and is only home for two nights and day. During his day off he is busy putting out feed for six days, in six different feeding areas. Than all I have to do, is open gates, and move the cattle. I can feed the cattle with the tractor, I just don't like doing it. Hubby does it so much quicker than I can. 


  1. You have snow already? We had our first inch this week, but it was gone by the end of the day, and today it has gone to 55 degrees F. I can so relate to Dear Darling having to get it all done in one or two days, to be gone again and filling in as I can.

    1. We have had snow for almost two weeks now. The white stuff is here to stay until April. We have been waking up to temperatures of -12 C (10 F). This weekend the mercury is suppose to dip even further, as this arctic high moves in across the province.