Monday, November 11, 2013

weaning calves and vaccinating

The weather is our favour. There isn't any moisture forecasted  for the next few days.

So today is the day, that we wean calves off of their mamas.

We want nice weather over the next few days for a couple of reasons:

We don't want the temperature to be extremely cold, or the calves could get sick.

And there can't be any falling snow or rain, or it will wash off the pour on treatment.

Ivomec-which is a brand name, is a pour on product,which helps control warbles and parasites.

 November is the month that the warbles are the closest to the spine in cattle.

Not that we have ever had any...but I have seen pictures.

We need to get the cows tight in the alley way, to help stop them from moving forwards and backwards. 

It also prevents injuries with the cows and us.

Daughter#3 waiting until the boys are finished so she can open gates.

 They can get their needle of 8-Way vaccine and the pour on treatment.
The 8-Way, we give in the rump of the cows, bull and calves.

No worries, the cows are not getting hurt being squished in the alley. They are only in the alley way for about 10 minutes tops. It goes by quickly when there are two people doing the work-one is applying the pour on application and the other is doing the needling.

Calves are now in their own small paddock.

Which they will remain for the next few months.

Sun setting in the south-west over the hay yard.