Thursday, November 07, 2013

the great goose round-up

With snow being forecasted for tonight, hubby said we need to get those geese rounded up and put back at  the barn. 
I just shake my head. We already had them up at the barn. In a pen. 
Hubby had to take the row boat out on to the dugout to try to 'steer' the geese onto the shore, where he had broke the ice. 
Sorry about the fuzzy picture.

As you can tell, the snow was starting to fall while we were in the middle of our round-up. It took a bit to herd the geese to the shoreline.

As daylight was fading  fast, the geese finally relented, and headed to shore.

We walked them slowly from the dugout, up the hill to the barn, and through the corral to the cow shed, where we had a fenced in pen for them.

Yesterday, we ran quickly into town for more insulation and electrical boxes ( I had changed my mind, and we needed a few more boxes). When we got back home, we noticed one goose was missing and another was injured. 
We believe the attack was the result of two dogs misbehaving badly. But we are not sure. The injured one has a huge wound on its neck. Tomorrow, we are going to try and treat it, now that they are out of the dugout.

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