Sunday, November 10, 2013

random 5

Random 5 Sunday
Where I share five random events that  happened on the farm this week.

1. Hubby built us a 're- purposed' bird feeder. He attached it the old wooden front steps.From there, we have a bird's eye view to watch the Blue Jays through our dining room window come and eat the seeds.

2. Last Sunday, Junior herded the geese back to the pen that we had for them in the cow shed. Hubby let them out to graze on Tuesday.  We ran into town quickly on Wednesday. We came home to one goose dead and one injured. Read about it here

3. I grew alot of squash in the garden this year. Some of it got a bit too old/big by the time I discovered them. Those that were overly ripe, I have been saving to feed to the chickens. Like this spaghetti squash. I  chopped it up for the chickens, and I saved the seeds for next summer's planting. Chickens love pecking at the fleshy parts of the squash.

4. I have been busy in my craft/sewing room., creating gifts for my loved ones for Christmas.

Please go here for the owl pattern pillow.

5. It snowed!!! I guess winter is here. 


  1. We had our first ever butternut squash. Tell me, what is the secret to peeling it? I thought I was going to cut a finger off or throw the darn thing OUT the window!!

    Thanks. (Oh, and it turns out, we liked it, so I saved the seeds to grow some of our own next year)

    1. I either stab them all over the place with a knife, or cut them in half and scoop out the seeds. But either way they get baked in the oven. Than I scoop out the meaty part. No peeling involved.

  2. All the recipes I looked at said to peel. I'll have to try that the next time. Thanks.