Sunday, November 03, 2013

random 5

Random 5 Sunday
Where I share five random events that  happened on the farm this week.

I have seen this at another blog here, and I thought what an awesome idea! It is basically five random facts that happen throughout the week on the farm that were never mentioned in my blog.

1. Hubby has made great progress with our porch. He has managed to get the floor insulated and sealed in from any tiny  mice who wish to make it into a premium condo. He has also got the door hung, but unfortunately he can't install the dead bolt. The dead bolt was machine for bolts, and the package included wood screws. Needless to say hubby was not impress. We have discussed where the electrical boxes will be going, but haven't decided on the lighting.

2. Monday we were in the city of Grande Prairie. I had to be at the hospital for 11.30 am to register for my MRI. Three hours later we finally left the hospital. Thursday, I was back in our little town, for my bloodletting.

3. Saturday, while we were in the process of moving the bees, I experienced knee bending spaz attacks in my lower back. I made it to the steps and crawled across the deck and into the house. A few hours later, I managed to stand on my feet, hunched over. The sad thing is, when it first happened, I was standing. Not doing anything!

4. When hubby was moving animals around on Friday, we realised,  the paddock that the horses were in, wasn't going to work. Daughter #3 has a mare that chews on our fences. So today, after I was done milking, we ended up moving the Jerseys and goats into another temporary paddock. Than we got the five horses out of the north paddock, and moved them into the south paddock. The Jerseys, goats, minis and Q are together in the north paddock. We call this 'playing farm'.

5. The geese managed to wiggle their way under the page wire fence line. Not in the area where I had mended. The other end of the pen. They now have been out for a couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow we can get them back in.

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  1. The deck/porch looks really good. There is a lovely assortment of critters on your farm. I'm sure there is never a dull day at your house. :-) Thanks for the shout out to my blog!