Tuesday, November 26, 2013

noses and snow

I am still battling my cold, although I am starting to wonder if it is bronchitis. I can not get over, how winded I get going from the house to the barn!

"Q"'s nose

I took the camera to the barn tail end of last week. So I am a little slack about posting these. Daughter #3 took the cows out Saturday morning, and she also took the camera. So some of these are hers.

Hubby is hoping he will be home tomorrow. I have feed for the cows for one more day. Worse comes to worse, I will feed the cows with the tractor. IF I have to!

Last Tuesday, hubby and I purchased a tote of whole oats from a neighbour, but the tote is still sitting in the box of the truck. Our old Super 90 just didn't want to start. The Super 90-we affectionately call him Grandpa-is attached to my roller mill, which is inside the granary.

This is Grandpa

Junior can get the tractor to turn over, but Grandpa just doesn't want to start. Plan B, if we can't start Grandpa, we will drag him out of the way, and  bring out Little John out of the barn. I am hoping, when Hubby is home, he will have enough time to do this for me.
 There is always some sort of 'drama' on a farm!

I have managed through all the hack attacks, to keep the house relatively clean, dishes done up, a fire going, suppers made for the kids, making cheese, and the most important one--chores are getting done.

I just can't manage to walk the distance for feeding cows. When Daughter#3 took the herd to the next feeding spot, of course she was accompanied by entourage of canines.

Junior took out his chain saw, and bucked me up enough wood for about a week. He usually doesn't work weekends, and this might become one of his chores for the weekend. From past experience, this isn't going to be his favourite chore. Next spring, we will get more organised for winter.

I can not get over the sunsets or sunrises that we have been getting. The good Lord above, is one hell of an artist!

Murray here, and Puss another one of our barn lions do not get along. Puss won't let Murray into the barn. And the canine unit, have a habit of chasing Murray. This is one spot on top of the wooden gate, where Murray feels safe.


  1. I love life on the farm but when one is sick it can be so difficult. Trusting all will be well soon. Love all your stories!

  2. That is a beautiful sunset. You are going through what kind of causes me to hesitate about adding long-term animals to our property. What do you do when you can't do it yourself. It's great that you have help to get you through.

    1. We have had cattle for 32 years-through four healthy pregnancies and one miscarriage, through surgeries and illness. Although we are getting older, we will always manage-our grown children help a lot. Granted there are chores I do not enjoy and that is feeding the cattle with the tractor. It isn't that I don't know how, I am just not very good at it. I figure in my very optimistic mind I will milking cows well into my eighties and nineties. We farmers are a hearty lot. We are stubborn and sometimes that works in our favour.

  3. Feel better... sucks being sick, makes everything harder and miserable. I laughed when you said "next spring we will get more organized for winter" LOL that's how we feel right now. So behind, so not ready, but here it is! Sure is a beautiful time of year though, I'll give it that! :)

    1. The future always looks brighter for next year! Optimism is what farmers are made of!