Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Post from Daughter #3: Brandi

Brandi is a 2000 Jockey Club reg'd Thoroughbred mare. She's registered as In a Romp. She raced at Northlands Park as a young gal, running three races in total and lost them all epically. Not everyone can be a winner. Upon retiring from the track, she has been used as a broodmare. Until coming here, of course.

This gorgeous lady also happens to be the mother to Ike, the other Thoroughbred on the farm. 

Brandi was offered to me (Daugher #3) in 2012 after I purchased Ike, as I wanted to (and still do one day) start an equine rescue/rehoming business, as my mother so kindly told the gentleman these plans, and he figured she and Lu (who is has gone to her new home) would be excellent starters for it.

Except, Brandi is lame. We don't know what is wrong with her. The vet doesn't know what is wrong with her. She has a problem with her left hind leg. It likes to swell to an enormous size that is very uncomfortable for her. It does go down, after a long time, then swells back up. She limps, she's in pain and we're all at a loss. The vet thought, perhaps, it was a skin infection due to her chronic scratches (mud fever). Nope. The first medication did not help one bit.

The donkey was casting shadows when I attempted to take photos of her leg, the bugger. Here, you can see the swelling, somewhat.

Returned to the vet and we're trying some new shots to see if they help bring down the swelling and keep it under control. Cold hydrotherapy helps and will attempt wrapping it on the weekend with a sugar wrap to see if that helps any, alongside the shots. 

She is such a good girl.

Dad showed me how to give needles. I figure, since I want to own horses, I might as well as know how to administer a needle to them when need be. This medicine is thick and was extremely tough to inject. Brandi, the darling, stood like a champ through the entire procedure without blinking an eye.

Thank goodness I have such excellent helpy-helpers to aid me. 

Ike & Brandi

Still, in reality, I cannot afford to keep experimenting on drugs to help her out. She is offered up for "adoption" for free to a home who can afford to look after her needs. Until then, I will continue trying to find a way to help her live more comfortably.


  1. Congratulations on having such a big heart. I do hope that something will be found to help Brandi...she's a beautiful girl.
    Jane x

  2. Wonderful post, Daughter # 3. Good luck with your endeavors with horses, and caring for Brandi.

  3. I've just found your parent's wonderful blog through a comment on ours... good luck with your beautiful girl.... and I hope you find someone who can be good to her, like you are.

  4. Such a worthy endeavor! You have a tender heart. The horses that come across your path are lucky indeed.

  5. Thanks, ladies, your words are kind! She is a lovely darling.