Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 For the past three weeks, I have been denying that I have been sick. I've had a cough ever since I got that spasm in my back. I cough so bloody hard, I swear I am going to break a rib or cough up a lung!!
Well, I finally had to admit defeat!
 I am sick! 
I hate being sick.
 I don't even want to leave the comfort of my bed, but chores still need to be done. 
There is no rest for the wicked.

Hubby has finally got the porch insulated and the drywall up on three of the four walls.
The house wall, needs to wait. We want to remove the old window, and block it off. Than there is the old blue trim that either needs to removed or something. Something has to be done to it. And of course, some sort of boards need to hammered on to the house over that sixties stucco stuff.

We received a call on Friday, that the power company was going to do a 'control black-out' for Sunday, while they replace aging power poles.

Sunday temperature was -18 C. and than there was the wind. It made for a very chilly day. When the sun was started going down around 3-ish, is when the house started getting cold. 
The power finally came back on at five, and hour later than what the power company had planned.

The two previous places that we owned, both of them had wood stoves. You sure appreciate having that alternate heating source. Not just for heat, but also to prepare meals. 

So it was given, that we were going to have a wood stove in our porch. We just didn't know when. So with the power company phoning, and the cooler temperatures coming, and Saturday being the last day for this sale on the wood stoves at our local hardware store, we decided today was the day.

Hubby worked diligently all day Sunday to get the stove installed. He faced many obstacles, one major one of course was no power to operate his power tools. Plus the biggie. He couldn't warm up.
Monday he finished installing the wood stove.

Come spring he will have to fix the roof with proper roofing supplies. 
He politely informed me it will leak. 
But right now, it is a hazard to be up on the metal roof. And with these temperatures that we have had, none of the roofing materials: silicone or roof tar, would adhere properly.

He said the next stove we get, it is getting installed in the spring time.

Through out the day on Sunday, hubby went a few times up to the paddocks to check on the animals and the waterers. One of the three wateres were frozen.
 After the power came back on, the boys took a pail of very hot water to the barnyard, and proceeded to thaw the  waterer. Thankfully it was a quick thaw, and that there were no further issues with any of the waterers.

Daughter #3's goats have been getting locked up in the barn  for the past few nights. Hubby thought since they were small, and Henry was shivering, better be safe than sorry. 
This weekend our temperatures are suppose to be back to seasonal average.

Hubby got the phone call that he has been expecting. He heads back to work tomorrow. 
Most of today, he has been gathering dead fall out of the bush, for us.
 This weekend, I will have to put Junior to work, gathering dead fall and buck it up for us, while his dad is in camp.
We definitely weren't prepared for our wood stove! haha

All the puppies are enjoying the warmth given off of the stove. 

Especially on a day like to day.

This was the temperature at 9 am this morning.


  1. We've been glad of our woodstove in power outages for sure!
    Nothing,but nothing gives off heat like a woodstove.
    Take care of yourself.
    Jane x

    1. We have talked about installing a wood cook stove in our kitchen/dining room-so I am hoping that goes on the list for next year projects.

      I have to agree with you, there is no better warmth than what comes from wood heat.

    2. Just looked up how to make garlic powder..I shall be making it for sure!!
      Jane x

  2. I love having wood heat. Is your stove a Pacific Energy stove? I can't tell exactly by the photos, but it looks like ours. PE's are very efficient. Sorry to hear you've been sick. Feel better soon.

    1. The make of our stove is a DORLET and the model is Savannah. I think all wood stoves have the basic same design. I looked up a Pacific Energy stoves-they have some nice looking ones.

  3. Sorry you are not feeling so well. the cold weather can't help. We have a wood burner in our lounge and the kitchen range is also wood burning, it does our C/H , hot water ,as well as cooking all our meals in/ on it. Wonderful things.

    1. I love having a wood stove. It is a great source of heating. On the old farm, I baked a pizza on the top of the wood stove, under a tin foil dome. The pizza was delicious. After that first time, the kids always requested the pizza be cooked on top of the wood stove. I guess it had more flavour!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon...I hate being sick to, but maybe those cute puppies will share the heat'-) A wood stove would be so nice. I enjoy that we at least home central heat in our new place, but gosh it seems to heat the upstairs, so it is cold downstairs.

    1. Our furnace doesn't kick on during the day. But brr in the basement!! If we had a walk out basement, I definitely would have a wood stove in the basement.

  5. I cannot even conceive -30. Lord, we break out a sweat if we get near 0. Goodness, most of the other blogs that i follow in the North have been gathering their wood supplies for months. You really will have a lot of work to do. Cheers from Down Under (Melbourne, Australia)

    1. The plan was through last winter to build the porch and have everything done in it by fall of this year. But with a vehicle break down, and work really slowed down for hubby, the porch was put on hold- to a degree. So no wood was gathered because we really didn't think we would have a wood stove for winter. It is amazing how plans can change-quickly! :)

  6. I don't think I could live in a house without a wood burner or alternate heat source, we had a pellet burner in our old house. Yes, it's a lot of work, but you get the exercise from it and the four leggeds just love it, don't they?

    Sorry to hear you aren't well. Only do the most important things while hubby is away, and rest as much as you can. Feel better quickly.

    1. Several years ago, Montreal, Quebec was hit with an ice storm. We think about 10,000 people were without heat for weeks. We decided than , that we would never be without an alternative heating/cooking source.

      I know having wood for a source of heat is a lot of work and for six years, it was our only heating source. Last winter,we didn't have a wood stove and I sure did miss it. I would never go without a wood stove ever again.

      I am just tickled pink that we are going to try and make it happen for an actual wood cook stove for the kitchen/dining room. :)

    2. Thanks ladies for all the 'get well' wishes. I am hoping this cold will hurry up and leave! Very soon! I have been drinking lots of tea, honey, lemon and cinnamon.

    3. It will be wonderful if you get your cook stove, will it be the type with an oven? Our's is fantastic and for some reason bread tastes far better cooked in this stove than in a gas or electric oven.

    4. The brand that we are looking at is an Elmira. They are made in Ontario, Canada