Saturday, November 02, 2013

diy dishwasher soap

"In our homes, the leading cause of indoor air pollution is (surprise!) the dishwasher. That convenient, labor-saving device is actually the most toxic appliance in your home."

So with that being said, I have been on a mission to find the 'almost' perfect natural dishwasher detergent. I have already gave up my rinsing agent and now using plain ole white vinegar.

 I also have been trying to reduce my usage of the dishwasher to every other day. I have also decided, when the dishwasher dies, it will not be getting replaced. I'd rather have the cupboard space.

I had two packets left of the store bought dishwasher brand. I figured this was a good time to make one of the recipes that I found.

I have used one cube and my glasses came out cloudy. 

Need to do further research. But, at least, there were no chemicals used.

DIY Dishwasher Cubes

1 c borax
1 c washing soda
1/4 c epson salt
6-8 tbsp lemon juice

-mix powders together
-add lemon juice-just add enough so mixture is moist and sticky (I had to add a bit more) but not wet
-pour into ice cube trays until dry at room temperature. may take several hours
-once they are firm and hard pop them out, and store in a container


  1. I think ist is very interesting what you are doing there.
    Liebe Grüße von Marie

    1. Thank you MarieSophie. I am just trying to be more conscious of Mother Earth and her needs. While at the same time, trying to save a few pennies, and lessen the usage of chemicals in our lives. To live simple and to be more 'free'.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I find this very interesting also. I have thought about searching for homemade soap for the dishwasher but haven't gotten to it yet, however, I have already stopped putting as much liquid in the dispensers as it tells you too and haven't noticed any difference in the cleaning.

    I did let the rinse agent go without for a while and the glasses just came out horrible looking and went back to using it. I will try the vinegar the next time.

    Please keep us posted on how this all works out for you. I'd really like to know.

    1. When I still using the detergent from the store, while using vinegar for my rinsing agent, my glasses still came out clear. But since I started using homemade stuff, they are getting cloudy. So I think there is something else added to the store product, that the homemade stuff isn't of the same caliber. The search goes on.

  3. I used to make my own dish washing powder but I couldn't find a recipe that worked...everything got more and more stained and eventually I returned to the bought stuff. I Do make my own laundry powder though,I see you use some oxyclean in yours..I'll have to try to figure out how much to put in my powder,because over time the whites appear *ahem* 'winter white'.
    Jane x

    1. Our only source of water is our dugout. I have been washing our clothes in cold water, even before 'they' suggested it. I don't like using bleach. We have a septic system, and I would like to protect all those beneficial organisms that thrive in our 'waste'. So the search goes on.