Wednesday, November 06, 2013

chore time

This morning, Miss Dolly was waiting at this gate. I have been trying to re-train her to use a different gate, but some habits die hard.

 Lately she has been extremely eager to come in for milking.

Because the goats are in with Miss Dolly, Annie and her calf, I have to keep the barn door closed until I get Miss Dolly into the small pen, without the goats trying to get in also.

Ready and a waitin'.

Daughter #3 came home from work a few weeks back, with two little black kittens. This one is Ebony. For whatever reason, she has decided that she needs to sit right beside me while I am milking.

Hubby had put a bale of green feed in behind the barn in the small pen, for us to fork over some to the Jerseys and goats. Not that the goats need any. They are getting chubby. 

Miss Dolly is helping herself to the green feed.

Goatie and Sir Henry are waiting patiently-and I use that term loosely, for the green feed.

Ok. Sir Henry slipped past hubby. But at least he is easier to get out unlike Miss Dolly. I have to 'convince' her to get.

Annie, her calf, and Sir Henry

Miss Dolly and Goatie

Miss Dolly and Goatie


I have about sixteen hens. I got almost 70 chicks back in March. We butchered twenty roosters the first weekend of October. Yep. Between chicks dying within a few days of the hatch, dogs, and coyotes, we only got a handful of chickens.

I have no idea what possessed my husband to release the geese, from the pen up at the barn, but the geese are out again!!

My ole faithful milk pail. I have had it now for twenty years. Daughter #3 was the first one to put a dent in it, a few years back. I am hoping it will last me another twenty years.


  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I am enjoying them all. It is so nice to see, how and who, someone spends their day with.

    1. I get curious at how folks spend their day also. Most of my days are routine. Every season is different, especially when livestock is involved.