Friday, November 01, 2013

almost ready for old man winter

This time last year, we already had snow on the ground for three weeks. I wish the snow would stay away until the first of December. It will sure shorten winter!

last winter
Q and Charlie

Puss and Henry

When old man winter stays away, we don't feed as much. Right now the cows and horses are still out on pasture. Hubby has been breaking the ice that has been forming on the cows's watering hole for the past several mornings.

Charlie and Ezio

The weather man this morning,popped our bubble, and has informed us that the snow is on its way for this weekend. We are hoping he is wrong, but just in case, Hubby has been busy today, making sure the geese and the chickens each have a working heat lamp. Our winter temperatures can get below -40 Celsius. Brr!

feeding time

Hubby has moved daughter #3's horses into the North paddock along the driveway, and he has put panels in place so they can have access to one part of the cow shed. My Jerseys and daughter #3's goats got moved into the South paddock and they still have the corral and access to the rest of the cow shed. By doing it this way, Miss Dolly can still come up to be milked. Daughter #3 has to think of a spot for the two minis and for her Drum colt. All this shuffling around is ensure the beef cows will be able to have access to one of the waters through the small holding paddock.

my Delawares chickens this past June
We would like more automatic waters, especially in the horse paddock on the East side of the house. The horses could be out in the u-field, still grazing, and come up through a gate for water.

Brigan and Ike
Tomorrow we will be putting the three bee hives into the barn until next April.

Hubby and I catching a swarm 
Everything in time.

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  1. Good morning! Thank you for sharing your day and the pictures. They are lovely. Hope the snow isn't too bad for you already.