Tuesday, November 05, 2013

a visitor

We are in the process of building on to our old house. We aren't building anything extravagant. Something more utilitarian-a porch/mud room.  
I have the dogs's food dish on the deck, and the blue jays are starting to steal some kibble. 
This little guy got scared when I came up on the deck after I was done my morning chores, and flew into the porch. He was extremely frighten, and flapping about in the windows which have been already installed.
I opened, and removed all the screens from the windows. 
It took the blue jay a few hours before he calmed down enough to find his way out. 

UPDATE: This happened prior to the door being installed. I had forgotten that I had started a rough draft and never got around to posting it.  Thought I would share it with you all anyways.


  1. Oh, the poor bird!
    If this happens inside the house...close all the blinds/ curtains/doors leaving the area in darkness,Open one window or door to the outside and walk away. The bird will head to the light.
    Jane x

    1. Well that is good to know. I felt so sorry for him. I tried helping him to find the openings, but I know I stressed him out further. I had to lecture myself and tell myself to walk away, and he will eventually find his way out. Which he did.