Friday, October 18, 2013


For the past twenty some odd years we have lived on a farm. Our current farm, which I am hoping is the last, consists of 960 acres in the Peace country of Northern Alberta Canada. Hence the name of my blog. Living this far north possesses its own set of challenges.

We have a small herd of Simmental cross beef cows, along with a handful of purebred Jerseys. Our cattle, beef and jersey alike, are raised as natural as they can get, with the exception of antibiotics and vaccinations.

My third daughter has ventured into the world of dairy goats. She purchased two doe-lings back in June and a buck last month. Looking forward to the 'kids' when they come next spring, and the new discoveries and lessons to be learnt from having goats. I am looking forward to learning how to make goat cheese and goat milk soap.

In addition to the cattle and goats, we own geese, laying hens, and are heading into our second winter of having bees, which has its own learning curve. Then there are the horses and one donkey, who cause enough problems to age anyone prematurely.

Here, on our modern homestead, we try to live as close to the land as possible. We're learning to become more self-reliant, depending more on ourselves and less on conveniences, and to try to leave as small of a carbon footprint behind that we can. This new way of thinking and life, only a few years in the making, is a never-ending learning curve, full of endless possibilities and discoveries.

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