Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hubby is building us a walkway alongside our alley way

We have noticed that as we get more organised, and the pieces start to fall into place there comes a time, when there is less work to be do, and it becomes more about maintenance. 

To help make our job easier

We have been at this farm for just over a year. Hubby and I have feel a sense of urgency within us. At our age, we feel that we should be further ahead in our in life. Yet on the flip side of that thought, is we don't want objects that symbolise a status quo.  We don't want to be looking after stuff that bogs us down. We want our spirit to feel alive, not darken by consumerism.

We only run our cows through the alley about once a year

We have learnt the difference between our needs and our wants. We both have learnt that at an early age. Neither one of us were raised with money. Both of us come from parents who made do with what they had. No unnecessary purchases. We both learnt from our parents, if you want anything in life, you worked for it. 

I have some staining to do in the spring

From my late father, I learnt that if you live on the land, the land should feed you. I think that is what drove me to learn all sorts of homesteading skills-my woman skills as I call them. I am a pioneer in spirit. 

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