Tuesday, October 29, 2013

our new porch

 Sunday morning, we woke up to a sciff of snow. Luckily, today graced us with warm temperatures and melted what snow remained.
view of the house, garden and garage from up near the barn facing north
Last year, it was decided, that this spring, one of the projects that we were going to do, was to replace the old rotten deck. We need a porch/mudroom. 

We were hoping that in April, that the deck could be removed and the new construction could begin. Mother nature had other ideas. It was closer to the end of April before the demolishing began.

As you can see, there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground. 

Hubby had used his chainsaw, and cut the deck in about three or four spots. With each section that he cut away, he used the tractor, and hauled it to 'our dump.' He has since used parts of the deck for other uses.

He had to be careful removing the old header because of the gas line.

Earlier today, hubby installed the sub-floor.

And tomorrow, I am hoping the door that we bought gets hung.
 Back in June, our truck decided to have a break down, and that ate our porch budget.
 I was hoping, that we would have had it done by now.

 Bit by bit we will get our porch completed

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