Sunday, October 27, 2013

inside and outside

 My fridge was starting to fill up with quart jars with cream, so I managed finally to get some butter made.

This 'wolf' looking canine is Hawkeye. He is a Malamute, Husky cross with German Shepherd. He belongs to daughter #3. Hawkeye is 10/11 months old. He is sulking by my bees, because I gave him heck with a very stern voice. Why? Because I was trying to round my geese, and he started chasing them. Which is a no-no! 

My geese.

I tried to get a new photo of the new calf, but Hawkeye ran up to the fence and startled him.  

I sold my small flock of sheep earlier this spring, but the folks that purchased my flock didn't want my ram. Lawerence finally found a new home. 

Daughter #3 has purchased another horse. Equinox- Q for short-is a four month old Drum horse. 

And I am still working on getting all my tomatoes done up


  1. If you have green tomatoes I have a cake recipe to share with you!!

    1. Thanks. I will keep that in mind for next year. All of my tomatoes have finally ripened!