Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Before day break this past Saturday, Annie my four year old Jersey, finally had her calf. I was starting to get a little worried that she wouldn't have it before the snow came.

He hadn't suckled within a couple of hours of him being born. I tried to get her to stand still, and get the calf to grab a hold of the teat. Doing this is kindof work is hard by yourself. When the hubby and the kids got home later in the day, we got her to take her calf the 'cowboy way'. We tied Annie to the fence post, and than we worked at teaching the calf to bend his head and we forced the teat into his mouth. It took a bit, but he finally got the idea. We locked the two of them into a  into a smaller corral, so Annie couldn't keep walking away from him.

Yesterday hubby and I rung him, gave him his needles, and turned mama and calf out into the small paddock with the rest of my Jerseys. 

Annie was bred back to our Simmental bull, and since he is a bull calf, he will be raised up for the deep freeze in two years time. 

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